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Change Management Made Easy by Using a Systemic Approach

We’re in service to leaders and changemakers in times of rapid change since 2012. We are humbled by your passion and your flourishing and prosperity are important to us. We’re eager to map out the needs of your organization, and to support you in achieving your vision. Clients have turned to us as a professional Management Consulting firm that’s ready to deliver transformational solutions with love and courage.


Eudaimonia Solutions Services

Business Meeting

Systemic Change Management Planning Session

Making Organizational Change Easy

We help our clients to make organizational change easy. How? First, we help them understand the systemic nature of any change process. Second, we help them lead the human transformations that need to go along. We help clients to design a change management program that will deliver on its purpose. We help reduce energy spills, drama and draining emotions. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you thrive on change.

Who Has Been Part of Our Journey

Since 2012, we have provided services to Startups, SMEs and Corporate clients, as well as NGOs and Changemakers located throughout Europe.

Change Management | Restructuring | Cultural Transformation | Leadership Development | Women Leaders | Diversity | Communication | Multicultural Intelligence | Talent Development | Wellbeing | Future of Work Readiness 


Symptoms We Can Help With

  • Things are not working as you want them to.

  • You experience the same challenges with very different initiatives.

  • There is a resistance or indifference to the change initiatives you lead.

  • Some groups are often in conflict. Turf wars and silos are the norm.

  • Certain situations are like “hot buttons” which always trigger emotions.

  • Diverse people and seemingly opposite functions (e.g. sales & production, old & new, head & field offices, etc.) have challenges working together.

  • People are either stressed or lack energy and motivation.


Natalia Blagoeva 

Experienced in Times of Change.

Hardwired with Expertise. 

Working with Love.

Creating Impact.

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